Just ten years ago nearly all motocrossers were two-strokes, and the mean big brother of them all was the CR500. Stock, it made 58bhp and weight just 230lbs. It didn’t fit in any racing categories so Honda barely bothered updating its noodley frame, but that didn’t stop Robbie Knievel using one to jump 5 billion dollars at an ING Bank event.



HONDA Released a private statement that has been leaked within a HONDA Forum, that talks of a new  CR5OO is in the making for the 2018/19 model line ups, the bike will have 92bhp and weighs 197lbs, frame waying 14kg lighter than the original, and a top speed of 87mph


The internet rumor machine is in full swing over the whisper Honda may be returning to the smoker stable for its future off-road weapons.

Log onto just about any forum and there it is. It started as an April Fools joke by Spy Guy but has turned to reality with Honda reportedly filing a number of trademarks on the names of CR, CRM and CRE.


The CR name is synonymous with Honda’s legendary 2-stroke Moto-X range, with the CRM and CRE names a kittle less recognisable and most likely mean something to only the most ardent Honda enthusiast. They relate to the 2-stroke enduro’s and trailies from the 70s and 80s.

This could just simply mean Honda are renewing the patents to these names to prevent them from lapsing, however, it could also be the move to bring back a blue haze from red machines to race strips around the world.


So could we once again see the likes of a CR500 strapped with 17s lording over every other puny supermoto only to dominate race tracks around the globe? Lets hope so…..but…. KTM still make smokers and they have a little more recent practice of the engineering art. Still will be interesting to hear that sweet sound of a Honda smoker on full revs…Stay tuned!