During the main event at the 2018 San Diego SX, Team HRC / Honda’s Ken Roczen and Monster Energy / Yamaha’s Cooper Webb got into a back and forth battle for position. After getting passed by Webb, Ken drove it in deep on the #2 in the next turn, dropped the clutch, looped out and took both he and Cooper out.

In the crash, Ken’s arm got caught between the swing-arm and the tire of Cooper’s 450 and it caused some serious damage. “Ken Roczen had a tough night, getting sidelined early after coming together with Webb,” A team Honda spokesman said from social media. “After initial evaluation by Alpinestars, he has suffered a fracture to the second metacarpal in his right hand. He’ll visit his doctor on Monday for further evaluation.”

With that, it looks like the #94 factory Honda will once again be sidelined from an injury, but not as bad as it originally looked. We hope to see Kenny back sooner than later, but it looks like it might be a little while before we see him back in action. We will update you more when we get more information.

Video of Kenny’s crash below.