Red Bull KTM Factory rider Jeffrey Herlings has gone 1-1-1 for his day’s work at the very wet and cold Hawkstone Park International. Herlings just as he did in the later stages of 2017 showed a maturity that will work well for him in 2018. Not pushing too hard, and just taking his time, it was obvious that he was a class above the rest.

As is often the case at the Hawkstone Park, tough weather conditions made for a really cold and wet day for the spectators who turned up, with heavy snow throughout the day.

While Red Bull KTM Factory riders Pauls Jonass and Jeffrey Herlings went 1-1 in their MX2 and MXGP motos, and clearly were the stars of the show, many riders performed well.

The other Dutchman and KTM factory rider Glenn Coldenhoff proved strong, and his 2-2 results were great for his confidence, but it was the three times world MX2 champion who stole the show.

Gautier Paulin was consistent, but never stood out or was on the same level as Herlings, but his third overall was a sign of his attitude towards 2018.

Max Anstie, who many expected to shine had some bad luck, bad starts and eventually had a mixed day.

In the Superfinal, again Herlings was so smart, letting Coldenhoff lead early, but then passed mid-race and walked away with the final moto of the day.

Tommy Searle showed good results with fourth overall in the MXGP class and top five in the superfinal. Also good to see Evgeny Bobryshev back riding and getting a fifth place overall on his Suzuki machine.

Austria owned the MX2 class with Jonass (KTM), Olsen (Husky) and Mewse (KTM) taking the podium places in the 250 class.

MXGP overall

  1. Jeffrey Herlings 50pts
  2. Glenn Coldenhoff 44pts
  3. Gautier Paulin 38pts
  4. Tommy Searle 32pts
  5. Egeny Bobryshev 31 pts
  6. Graeme Irwin 29pts
  7. Nathan Watson 27pts
  8. Yentel Martens 25pts
  9. Liam Knight 21pts
  10. Ryan Houghton 20pts

MX2 Overall

  1. Pauls Jonass 50pts
  2. Thomas Kjer Olsen 42pts
  3. Conrad Mewse 38pts
  4. Adam Sterry 34pts
  5. Martin Barr 34pts
  6. Ben Watson 32pts
  7. Davy Pootjes 30pts
  8. Mel Pocock 27pts
  9. Jago Geerts 24pts
  10. Mikkel Haarup 21pts