OFFICIAL HONDA (not confirmed) Announcement has sent the internet on fire! The CR500 was arguably the most reliable and most powerful 2 stroke motocross bike of its time and a leaked Honda announcement shows that they are making a comeback with fuel injected versions!

The OG Beast!

At 13KG lighter than its predecessor it’s on the 500c model this range will be the lightest 2-Strokes currently available and at 76BHP and 73MPH top speed… thats a BEAST!

Sure the current market leader in 2-Stroke motocross bikes, KTM, does not make a 500cc but maybe there will be one coming after this bike hits the street!

Honda info from social media sites says:

“Building Dreams for a living, we welcome the a new family member to our line up”

The models are made up as follows:

-2018 CR125

-2018 CR250

-2018 CR325

-2018 CR500

Sources state that the issue with the 500cc making a comeback was down to the exhaust fumes being unable to pass modern rules. With this new fuel injected engine, Honda have put forward for patent it looks like they have cracked it!

Honda have been told that due to the crazy stats of the new CR500 it will not be allowed to race any of the current 450 Classes due to the power restrictions.

There is no release date yet for these bikes but testing has started so hopefully track info will start to emerge soon.

Engine Blueprint.

This blueprint shows the new 2-Stroke engine with fuel injector places at the top of the cylinder aimed at the back wall. When the piston hits TDC (top dead center) the injector sprays the fuel oil mix. This way unburned fuel does not get swept out with the exhaust gases and should being down emissions and also that classic ‘smoker’ reputation of the older generation 2-Strokes.

KTM also have injected 2-strokes coming to market so things are set for a big shake up soon!